What Do Homeowners Want?

What Do Local Homeowners Want?

Every Local Homeowner Wants Information!

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What do Local Homeowners want?

Local Homeowners want to be able to see, as clearly as possible, “WHO” they can get to help them when they want to install a new ceiling fan, paint a room a different color, add a privacy fence, cut their lawn twice a month, hire a cleaning service to help out twice a month or a dozen other services that homeowners may need… but really don’t know “WHO” to turn to!

They want to know “WHO” they can call when they need help!

Are you a handyman, lawn guy. privacy fence installer, electrician, plumber, carpet cleaner, lawn guy, heating & air conditioning person, bug & pest control service, cement/concrete spreader, deck builder or small business owner that provides a QUALITY service to local homeowners?

If you are. let me ask you three questions;

Are you making enough money from your existing clients?

Do you know where to find your most lucrative projects and dream clients?

Do you know which events will bring you face-to-face with them?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions…you don’t need to read any further.

But, if you need to Find More Local Customers who 73 Ways To Market Your Business
who need your services and would gladly give you some great referrals and testimonials grab  your copy of our FREE Report  “How To Increase Your Local Business Sales In 15 Minutes A Day”! 

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Stay safe!

P.S. 10 years ago, SBA (Small Business Association) said that small businesses should allocate 7-8 %  of their income for marketing (finding new customers)
….in today’s out of control inflation, how much do you think you need to allocate to find more clustomers?